Monday, June 25, 2007

One Day

One day I won't find a paintbrush when I reach for my toothbrush.

One day I will find a pair of reading glasses by my book instead of 5 pairs by the telephone.

One day the phone that I reach for will be fully charged.

One day I will show up for an appointment without having to be reminded.

One day I will be able to express my anger without blaming myself for being an idiot or a bitch afterwards.

One day I'll wake up in the morning gleeful to greet the day instead of worried about all the things I should have done but didn't.

One day I will own more than one comfortable bra.

One day I will actually have the right receipt when I return something.

One day I will fill the tank of my car before I am on LIGHT IS ON EMPTY.

One day I will return my library books on time without a fine.

Today, though, I'll just stumble along and deal with whatever trips me on the way to my first cup of coffee.

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