Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Amazing Treats from Sweet Repeats

Look at all the Sweet Treats I got from Lucy! Opening this package is the best thing I did all week! I love how everything is color coordinated. You've got the touch, Lucy!!

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Here are some more photos from Frederick. I hope I don't bore you with them, but we had a really good photo safari.

Frederick photos

A Day in Frederick with my Parents

My parents and I had such a good day at the Flea Market last week that I decided to take them out to Frederick to look at some antiques and to take some pictures for my Dad's watercolors. We also wanted to enjoy the last blush of the foliage. It is so nice to have good days with my parents! You forget that you have to have "family fun" with all generations, not just your kids.

Monday, November 5, 2007

An Owl Painting from Celia's Room

Just had to share this great painting that we got for Celia's room at Case Western.

Some thrifting magic

I took my parents to the big DC Flea Market yesterday, and bought some really great stuff. Here are a couple of things that came home with me.

Sweet Goodness Sister Swap

Here are my swap photos from my super swap sister Lucy from Sweet Repeats.

I got the package from her and had to run out of town the next day. When I got back someone had put everything away all over the place. I keep finding wonderful stuff where ever I look. My swap sister is the greatest!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Finally got shots of my repetition exercises

When I flew out to Cleveland to help my daughter get her dorm room set up, I brought some pieces to work on while I waiting in airports and such. I showed them to Celia, and told her that she could put some up on her walls. Turns out, she wanted all of them, and I left before I could photograph them. I still consider them unfinished, but they are busy being art, so I can't fuss with them. These were exercises that Lucy from Sweet Repeats did concurrently.

Sorry it's been so long!

Hey friends! I am so sorry that I have neglected my blogging for so long. I have a million excuses, but I did put this on the back burner while big chunks of life came flying at me faster than I could process them. I'll get into those eventually, but I have a bunch of things I want to show you now.

First, I've been taking Life Drawing,. Portrait Painting and Ceramics at Montgomery College and enjoying them fully. I have a degree in art, but I felt really really stuck each time I tried to paint or draw. Since I have started I feel that my drawing and painting have stepped up to a whole new level. Somehow, at this point in my life I am really able to learn, and I'm soaking knowledge in like a sponge. Here are a few drawings: