Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sorry it's been so long!

Hey friends! I am so sorry that I have neglected my blogging for so long. I have a million excuses, but I did put this on the back burner while big chunks of life came flying at me faster than I could process them. I'll get into those eventually, but I have a bunch of things I want to show you now.

First, I've been taking Life Drawing,. Portrait Painting and Ceramics at Montgomery College and enjoying them fully. I have a degree in art, but I felt really really stuck each time I tried to paint or draw. Since I have started I feel that my drawing and painting have stepped up to a whole new level. Somehow, at this point in my life I am really able to learn, and I'm soaking knowledge in like a sponge. Here are a few drawings:

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Lucy said...

You are so passionate about your drawing, and rightfully so-I'm glad you have gotten back into it, it would have been a shame to hide away your talent!!