Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A trip to the Zoo with Nana and Celia

Celia had a hankering to go to the zoo when she was home for a break, and we bravely decided to take my mother. My mom loves animals and used to volunteer with other former teachers at the zoo preparing city school children for their trip to the zoo. She knew the inside story of every animal there, and was constantly talking about the animals.

The problem with the National Zoo is that it is built on a very hilly part of the city, and walking around it is grueling. There is also a lot of walking between animals. I didn't know how much stamina my mom would have, but she did great! She really surprised us. There were lots of highlights for us, one was that we saw the baby panda (not such a baby, but she only recently began being viewed by the public. The lion was magnificent, but people were very wary about walking around his habitat due to the freaky incident with the tiger at the San Francisco Zoo.

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